Monday, 15 August 2022

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Bee removal & relocation services.

We have teams of highly trained professionals to safely remove & relocate bees from areas where their presence has become a threat to human & animal life. Wherever possible, we try to remove the entire swarm of bees, without harming them.  In most cases, our bee relocations are carried out at dawn or just after dusk when our bees are settled down & in the hive. 

We try to maintain the integrity of the family of bees by performing the relocation at these times, although not all relocations are possible at these times.  It is also not possible to relocate the bees if it is raining, in which case the relocation will be rescheduled.

Whilst every care is taken to treat the bees carefully & with kindness, it is not always possible to relocate the bees and sometimes the bees safety is secondary to that of human or animal life.

Should it be necessary to exterminate the bees, it will be as a result of exhausting all other possibilities, for example not having reasonable access to the bees, where the bees have become an immediate threat to human and animal life.



  • Distributers of Jozi Honey - fine suburban honey.
  • Honey available in  bottles and combed honey available in punnits.
  • Honey subscriptions, gift packs and deliveries of variety packs is available. T’s & C’s.
  • Mead is available in limited quantities from time to time. Pre-orders are advisable.



Beeswax & Propolis


  • Bees wax available in limited quantities.
  • Propolis tincture, creams and balms available from the shop.


Beekeeping Products

All beekeeping products are available by prior arrangement.

   We supply:

  • Bee hives.
  • Smokers.
  • Hive tools. 
  • Protective clothing.
  • Honey extraction equipment.


Beekeeping services & pollination services.
We offer a range of beekeeping services to the hobbyist beekeeper.

  • Hive inspections.
  • Honey extraction.
  • Beekeeping courses available for beginners and advanced.

Our services also extend to the farmers and we offer pollination services to the independent farmers.


Additional services offered:

  • Honey subscriptions.
  • Sponsorship programs.





Contact Us



Phone: Contact Len for Bee Removals & Relocations 

                     081 209 5384 

                     064 187 0803

Head Office:

                     Shop 10 E

                     Magnolia Rd

                     Primrose Hill


                     PO Box 437

                     Bedfordview, 2008



Service Areas & Branches

  • Bee removal & relocation Johannesburg.
  • Bee removal & relocation Sandton.
  • Bee removal & relocation Ekurhuleni.
  • Bee removal & relocation Tshwane.
  • Bee removal & relocation Midrand.
  • Bee removal & relocation Durban.
  • Bee removal & relocation Cape Town.
  • Bee removal & relocation Richards Bay.