Monday, 15 August 2022
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We love our bees and appreciate their amazing gift to us humans.  They are the only insect on earth to produce edible food for human consumption.  Moreover, they assist in the pollination of many fruits and vegetables, keeping food on our tables.

We relocate bees as quickly and efficiently as possible, in an attempt to maintain the integrity of the bee colony, with the least amount of danger to the humans & animals in the vicinity. Call Len 081 209 5384 Emergency call outs are also possible at a premium.

The African Honey Bee    

The African Honey Bee, Apis Mellifera Scutellata, is a sub species of the Western honey bee and is found in Central and Southern Africa. It is an aggressive species of honeybee & will defend its nest 30 to 40 meters away by actively stinging intruders.  When the bees feel their nest is being threatened they may attack and can number anything from a few dozen to hundreds.  It is also common for the bees to invade urban areas which are close to water and plant life.  They will nest in any cavity that is suitable and usually where there is a lack of human activity.  Such spaces may include pool filter covers, airbricks, owl houses, bird logs, water features, garden bridges etc.



 Wherever possible, we try to remove the entire swarm of bees, without harming them.  In most cases, our bee relocations are carried out at dawn or just after dusk when our bees are settled down & in the hive.  We try to maintain the integrity of the family of bees by performing the relocation at these times, although not all relocations are possible at these times.  It is also not possible to relocate the bees if it is raining, in which case the relocation will be rescheduled.






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Service Areas & Branches

  • Bee removal & relocation Johannesburg.
  • Bee removal & relocation Sandton.
  • Bee removal & relocation Ekurhuleni.
  • Bee removal & relocation Tshwane.
  • Bee removal & relocation Midrand.
  • Bee removal & relocation Durban.
  • Bee removal & relocation Cape Town.
  • Bee removal & relocation Richards Bay.