Monday, 15 August 2022

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We are professional bee keepers. We love and care about our bees.

We safely remove and relocate the bees from your property.

We can also safely remove wasps and spiders from your property.


Wherever possible, we try to remove the entire swarm of bees, without harming them.  

In most cases, our bee relocations are carried out at dawn or just after dusk when

our bees are settled down & in the hive.


Emergency call outs for bee removal and bee relocation available 24/7 at a small premium.



Very Important !!!

Do not under any circumstances attempt to remove or destroy the bees yourself.

Without the correct equipment and expertise it is extremely dangerous and could prove to be a fatal mistake.

The African bee acquired the name "Killer Bee" for this reason.

We are trained professionals. Please contact us to carry out the procedure.


Emergency call outs are also possible at a premium: Call Len 081 209 5384/




Contact Us



Phone: Contact Len for Bee Removals & Relocations 

                     081 209 5384 

                     064 187 0803

Head Office:

                     Shop 10 E

                     Magnolia Rd

                     Primrose Hill


                     PO Box 437

                     Bedfordview, 2008



Service Areas & Branches

  • Bee removal & relocation Johannesburg.
  • Bee removal & relocation Sandton.
  • Bee removal & relocation Ekurhuleni.
  • Bee removal & relocation Tshwane.
  • Bee removal & relocation Midrand.
  • Bee removal & relocation Durban.
  • Bee removal & relocation Cape Town.
  • Bee removal & relocation Richards Bay.